Friday, February 27, 2015

Catching up

It seems like forever since I wrote last, so many things going on, we have a new CD for next month from a very talented artist who's attention to detail is outstanding, sneak peaks soon.

I am still enjoying my painting of furniture, I have just finished a chair, lamp and shade using stick on lead and gallery glass paint, sewing machine table and bedside table, all of these started out as brown furniture.
I have also made this cake stand from some old French plates as another passion of mine is baking and I need some pretty plates to show them off.



I have also taken up a new craft and just had a lesson 3 weeks ago on how to crochet, and I am hooked, excuse the pun.
I started with a Granny Square, progressed to a couple of headbands for my beautiful grand daughter and just this week I have completed a scalloped beanie hat with rose and shall complete my second one for my daughter tomorrow. Oh and I have just completed 70 Wedding invites for my niece