Monday, July 15, 2013

Cherries, Cherries & more Cherries

Just been and picked some cherries from our tree, and have decided to make some Cherry Jam, Cherry Compote, Cherry Pie Filling and Cherry Brandy, and when the Cherries are finished with in the Cherry Brandy I will dip them in chocolate mmmmmmmmm

I have already made 12 jars of Marmalade, 3 Jars of Blackcurrant Jam, 8 pots of Cherry & Redcurrant Jam and 4 pots of Redcurrant Jelly
and will be making Lemon Curd, Orange Curd, Lemon Marmalade and Lime Marmalade.


I found a site that lets you make and print out your own labels click here to go to the site
I have decided to make up a few mini hampers with all my goodies this Christmas.
I have to say I am enjoying this new hobby