Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Newest Hobby

I have recently discovered Annie Sloan chalk paint and Wax and I am afraid that now nothing is safe from my paint brush.    The best thing about this paint is that you do not have to do rub down, so no prep work apart from making sure your item is clean.   There are so many beautiful colours to choose from and I decided to start with light colours first.   Each pot contains 1litre of paint and costs £16.95 from most UK shops,  and this goes a long way, as does the wax if you use a brush to paint it on with which costs £7.95.   I purchased mine from Dovetails in Kent, they don't post to France but my brother brought the first lot over for me and will be bringing the next lot over next month.  


This table was a light brown and the chairs blue, I painted the legs and chairs in Paris Grey
recovered the seats and waxed the top of the table with dark wax, I have to say I am really
pleased with the end result.

My next project was the fire surround that hubby made for the front room, this time I used
Old White and then I waxed the top first with clear then with dark wax to
to get the effect on top

I then found a little table that I had had in the loft for years, this started out as brown with a red leather top, I painted the whole lot even the leather with Old White, then I clear waxed first then again with the dark wax
Next was an old chair that was given to us, this started off brown and again I used the Paris Grey
I have yet to make new back and seat covers

I am currently working on this brown chest of draws which  I will up date later when  finished


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Crafty Kitten said...

Wow Wendi these look great. I think hubby had better keep on the move or he will end up the same way! ROFL. Can't wait to see the Chest of Drawers.